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xx bad day to be on the red team...
April 25, 2020, 10:59:24 PM HST by FerrariFlunker
devdabomber gives the red team a taste of /apoc

Thanks for making this devdabomber!!!
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xx NEW GAMEMODE- Build Battle!!!
March 16, 2020, 06:04:16 PM HST by FerrariFlunker
This brand new ctf gamemode is now available on aloha.pk!  <- click here to play!

- All players get a 20x20x20 area to create their own personalized, spawnable build!
- Your build area is off limits to all other players.  You will have unlimited blocks to make your own creation!
- Type /create to teleport to your build area, type /save to save your creation, and type /build to build your saved creation!
- You can unlock /build by getting a 5 killstreak or by capturing the intel once!

Here is an example of a structure that was built and spawned-
Structure created in build area:

Structure spawned into battle:

Build a sniper tower, build pixel art, or simply build a giant cube.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!
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xx 9
February 14, 2020, 01:14:56 PM HST by izzy
aloha.pk was created on Valentine's Day, 2011, which means it turns 9 years old today. can you believe that? i can't.

we've grown a lot since then... these numbers are interesting to look at: http://aloha.pk/index.php?action=stats

i just want to say thanks to all of you, especially our team, for making this possible.

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xx NEW GAMEMODE- Arena Defusal!!!
January 26, 2020, 08:47:37 PM HST by FerrariFlunker

Play the new arena defusal gamemode here!!!

BRAND NEW MAP - de_cache is playable for the first time on arena defusal!  Thanks Keviin and DarkSRead more here!

Find anything that needs to be fixed?  Please message an aloha staff member- thanks!

Questions?  Suggestions?  Reply below!
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January 11, 2020, 04:10:08 AM HST by Lostmotel

Join the blue or purple team in a battle of strategy and deception to obtain the heavenly gift of the gods(the intel)

Join now!  ->   aos://2791176354:58887

January 25th, 2020
8 PM GMT <- Click Here For Timezone Conversion
Mines -  Read Below!

How do mines work?

Spoiler for Mine functionality:
- Right click on a block with a grenade to turn it into a mine!
- Explodes when an enemy/explosion is nearby (including other mines!)
- Mines kill through 1 block thick walls(/floors/ceilings)
- Changes to preset team color on activation
- Blues don't explode blue mines on proximity, purples do (or vice versa for purple team)
- Shoot them to make them go boom!
- Players spawn with 0 mines, and must go to the tent to get a maximum of 5
- Dig mines to retrieve(/steal) them
- Digging mines is safe, even for enemy players
- You can't place mines on your own tower or on heaven (the platform)
- You can dig out enemy mines from your own tower, the mine block will be replaced by - a regular block instantly

Sign Up Here

Please join the aloha.pk Discord Channel before the event begins!
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December 13, 2019, 05:45:04 PM HST by Zim350

Fight for the glory of blueberry or lemon this December on a snowy classicgen with hookshot!

December 28, 2019
10 PM GMT <-- Click Here
Snowy map, different team colors, and Hookshot!-  Read Below!

Never used hookshot?  Aim your crosshairs at nearby blocks and press V to teleport!

The team colors will be blueberry and lemon!

Classicgen will be snowy for this event!  The snow will melt underneath your feet.

Sign Up Here

Spoiler for Converted Poll Times:

Please join the aloha.pk Discord Channel before the event begins!
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xx Gamemode Contest!
November 21, 2019, 03:32:02 PM HST by FerrariFlunker

-This is your chance to share your BEST gamemode ideas and have the possibility to have yours made! 
-There will be voting to find the best idea  (gamemodes that are impossible to make won't be included).

-We will then create and host whatever gamemode is chosen!

Please post your gamemode ideas below with as many specifics as possible.
  • Does the gamemode require certain maps? New maps to be made?
  • Do the intels play into the gamemode at all? How does the game end?
  • Are there certain things disabled?  Building? Shooting?

Be as creative as you want, post as many ideas as you want, but please be descriptive!
If you have any questions about whether your ideas are possible or not, post them anyways!  We'll shoot down any impossible ideas. 
We have a winner!  Congrats shywolf91! 
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xx The babel apocalypse has arrived!!!
November 12, 2019, 11:34:34 AM HST by FerrariFlunker
Babel apocalypse is now available on the babel server!

Step 1- Get 20 kills and one intel capture all in one life to unlock the ability!
Step 2- Call it in with /apoc
Step 3- If you see the apocalypse is coming, stay safe by covering yourself with blocks! 
             You'll need to protect yourself from the raining nades.

meme by DuckWorm

video preview recorded by Hendrikson
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xx Kū Haʻaheo
September 03, 2019, 06:16:29 PM HST by izzy
this isn't gaming related, but it is a beautiful rendition and good example of real-world "aloha"

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xx Hallway Server Revamp!
April 19, 2019, 04:12:05 AM HST by FerrariFlunker

BIG changes are now active on the aloha.pk hallway server.

- Seven maps have been added to the rotation! 
Spoiler for New Maps:







- Players now have an infinite number of blocks! 

- Airstrikes are enabled!  Get a 10 kill scorestreak to activate the airstrike.

- The gamemode has been switched from r1ctf to normal ctf. 

- Time limit has been set to 3 hours. 

JOIN NOW and have fun!
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